SYRIA: President Assad Delivers Profound Speech about Pan-Arabism at Arab Forum

Assad has become a great statesman. The Syrian people and their allies are the heroes of the modern world in their resistance to the Anglo-Zionist juggernaut.

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DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that “hitting national belongingness weakens our first defense line, as a society,  against cultural and intellectual invasion attempts that seek turning us into helpless machines that act according to foreign-prepared plans.”

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 with participants in the Arab Forum on Confronting the US-Zionist reactionary Alliance and Supporting the Palestinian People’s Resistance currently held in Damascus with the participation of Arab national forces and figures.

“Arabism is a cultural concept that involves all ethnic groups, religions, and communities. It is a civilized status to which all who once existed in the region, without exceptions, contributed, said President Al-Assad, adding that “the Arab language and Arab nationalism unite all these ethnic groups, communities and religions and at the same time preserve the privacy of each of them”.

President Al-Assad went on to say that solving…

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All the American lies about Serbs – Some of the worst War Crimes have been committed by reporters

In the sea of misinformation sloshing around the Western media during the Yugoslav civil wars, Serbs fared the worst. As a rule, they were accused even of atrocities that never happened, or were co…

Source: All the American lies about Serbs – Some of the worst War Crimes have been committed by reporters


We need to raise our collective voice in protest before it’s too late.

Every time someone decides ‘maybe 911 doesn’t make sense’ we are a step closer to saving Humanity from self-destruction.

‘What about WTC7 which wasn’t hit by any plane, but still spontaneously collapsed?’
‘What about PNAC and the ‘new Pearl Harbour’?’
‘What about no WMDs in Iraq?’


What about …
It was u/s backed rebels that used Sarin gas in Syria.
No evidence to support sanctions against Russia.obama-lies (1)
More than a million people dead.
Millions more refugees.

One detail to fill in and the whole picture makes sense.
The people who have plotted and planned all this are EVIL.
It’s difficult to imagine how evil.
People really don’t like to imagine that kind of evil.
They prefer to believe the cock-and-bull stories told by the media and the politicians.
cameron redeyeIt makes the world seem a more fluffy, friendly loving place.

There are people around the world dying because of our government’s policies.
Perfectly innocent men women and children, unless you count not speaking English as evidence of guilt. Mother, father, sons, daughters. Grandma and Grandad, blown to bits. 16 yr old girl has her legs blown off. Millions of ppl in Yemen are dying of disease and starvation thanks to their country being bombed to oblivion by the Saudi Arabians, with British planes and bombs.
Yes, the same Saudis who regularly behead people for apostasy and being gay.

This is the sort of country the u/s and UK are in bed with.cowboys
That is the sort of country the u/s and UK are.

Kids used to play Cowboys-and-Indians.
The cowboys were the heroes and they always won.
We know the truth of that now – genocide.
The cowboys are still being made out to be the heroes, committing mass murder whilst claiming to be good and righteous.
Neither the narrative nor the motives have changed.
But the game now threatens the lives, the futures of everyone on this planet.

We need to raise our collective voice in protest before it’s too late.