Capitalism – Mechanism, Downfall and Solution

Civil-Society Toward a New Form of Laissez-Faire

I describe Capitalism in a way that avoids jargon and money so that, if you see it clearly enough, its faults, downfall and solution become obvious.

Capitalism, the art of capitalising [making the most of what you have] is a matter of using what you have, to get more. Those who have most have plenty to spare to get even more, so they concentrate and accumulate wealth and power and material possessions as naturally as cows eat grass.

Equally naturally, the people who have least wind up with less and less. As more and more people wind up with less and less, an underlying sense of discontent starts to rumble through the population.

Eventually, like an iceberg whose underside has melted away, the whole thing tips up and topples over. Revolution.

The poverty-stricken disempowered masses rise up out of their discontent and smash the system which keeps them enslaved.

Unfortunately it is also the system that supports them, even if not very well. Modern people depend on the ‘infrastructure’ [the whole money-driven racket] for everything. Revolution which arrives thusly will not be pretty or pretty exciting. It will be pretty terrible. Many people will die. Especially the old, the young, and the weak.

The solution for Capitalism is based on what drives it. What makes a person, who has enough, risk what they have, to get more? It seems to me that is fear. It may be called greed or insecurity but at the root of all those emotions is fear.


Fear of the future. Of not having enough to eat tomorrow, or having no roof over your head come the end of the week, or being shot and robbed. Or, more distantly, but still a real fear, of not having the money to send Jonny and Janey to college. Or a fear that their children will not be able to live in comfort and safety. Unto any number of generations. And you fear that someone will take your wealth so you must protect it. Fear, fear, fear. Because of the unknown and unknowable future.

Life close to nature can be bloody and dangerous. As we have moved away from nature so it has come about that, by and large, the only threat to human beings comes from other human beings. During that process, we have, sadly, retained or regained our rather savage competitive spirit.

Money is the weapon with and over which we are still fighting for our lives.
Money is what makes people shoot other people.
Money is the thing which gives rich people power over others.
Money is the only reason, now, why the ruling elite think they can take the piss.
Money pays the cops and the army and private security guards.
Money is a very bad substitute for faith.

Faith, in most of the human race, must replace money as a reason for doing.

Fear of the future is because of other people.

If they depend on us, and we on them, in ways many and various, we won’t let them down.

Our task, as the instigators of the money-free world or state is to put aside all the money- and power- and fear-driven thinking and to mostly carry on as we are now [providing we are doing nothing bad] to make sure Humanity, as a self-supporting communal organism, keeps on going.

Happy and without fear.

The solution to Capitalism is the end of fear. The end of money.


End of part one of two.

[In part two we examine some of the reasons why other people, who are different to you, might also be in favour of this amicable revolution. Also we explore the reasons why this needs to happen sooner rather than later.]


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