War – Immoral and Inhuman

by Ken Underwood – 29 March 2003, 30 October 2011, and 12th August 2013.

There is no moral or humanitarian justification for making war.
Bush and Blair have made three serious errors over the conflict in Iraq, and are in grave danger of making a fourth.

Following George Bush in a fine tradition of killing millions of innocent people.

Barack Hussein Obama – following George Bush in a proud tradition of killing millions of innocent people.

1. Lying about why they started the war.
2. Lying about its severity and duration.
3. Starting it in the first place.

Firstly, the war is not about Saddam Hussein. There have been far worse dictators supported by the Americans, when it suited them. The real reason is the oil, and to get a foothold in the Middle East. The reason they lied about why they were starting it is that the gullible and emotional voters would not have supported a political war. Obviously, a personal war against and cruel and ruthless tyrant would get them all going.

Secondly, if people had thought the war was going to drag on for weeks or even months and involve lots of killing of American and British subjects, not to mention hundreds of Iraqi civilians, again they might have objected.

Thirdly, seeing as Bush and Blair had to lie to the voters to justify invading Iraq, it was probably a bad plan from the word ‘go’.

cameron serious

David Osama Bin Cameron – carrying on, in the footsteps of Tony Blair, the fine tradition of making Britain the lapdog of the US and taking increasingly unbelievable liberties in his outstanding mismanagement of the governance of this country. Our hero!

Every hour that goes by, there are more lives needlessly lost. Civilians, soldiers, children – all innocent victims of scheming politicians who value power and wealth above human life.

The fourth error is the one they can still avoid.

4. Carrying on regardless.

Xmas 2011
8 years, 250000 lives ….. maybe we should have shouted louder.
A mind-boggling historical perspective.

August 2013. A whole generation have grown up with US/UK  military aggression.
It’s normal to them. Why kick up a fuss? Better them than us.

Firstly, it’s moral sleight of hand to plead innocent when it’s OUR soldiers butchering innocent civilians and OUR taxes which pay for fucking drone missiles, all on the orders of  OUR elected political representatives.
Secondly, and more selfishly, there’s gonna come a time when it’s OUR turn under the hammer and some other cunt’s gonna be saying “Better them than us!”

Gordon Ali Brown - last of the Mohicans.

Gordon Ali Brown – last of the Mohicans.

10 years have passed since I wrote this and it’s worse than ever.

Don’t sit back and ignore this.
Encourage the idea that we care about the kind of world OUR children are going to grow up in.



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