[Cherry-]Picking on UKIP

It seems to me that ”liberal” elements in the voting population are being spoon-fed anti-UKIP propaganda. I am not pro-UKIP, but it disturbs me that people are accepting and promoting what they want to hear regardless of whether it’s representative of UKIP.

The ruling elite don’t want their boat to be rocked, and the idea that UKIP represents a serious threat to their power to hold this country inside Europe despite that body’s wish to infict upon us fracking and GMO’s, not to mention sundry other policies and costs which are unnacceptable to the majority of this nation’s population, has impelled them to deliver a feast of titbits to undermine that basic aim.

The ”UKIP” pamphlet about marriage of gays, which is not representative of UKIP views and policy, is but one example on this menu.

A lot depends on how much you accept this flood of mainstream media information. Personally, seeing how they have turned the Ukraine issue on its head [given the u/s penchant for destabilising democratically elected governments by whatever means are necessary] it is meaningless even if some UKIP members are of the Old School and say things which are conveniently damaging to the party.

As with all information from the elite, we should be cautious of accepting it without proper consideration for its true intent.

Cherry-picking can give a false impression.

Just saying.



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