Tory or Labour – an Open-and-Shut Case


All the American lies about Serbs – Some of the worst War Crimes have been committed by reporters

In the sea of misinformation sloshing around the Western media during the Yugoslav civil wars, Serbs fared the worst. As a rule, they were accused even of atrocities that never happened, or were co…

Source: All the American lies about Serbs – Some of the worst War Crimes have been committed by reporters


We need to raise our collective voice in protest before it’s too late.

Every time someone decides ‘maybe 911 doesn’t make sense’ we are a step closer to saving Humanity from self-destruction.

‘What about WTC7 which wasn’t hit by any plane, but still spontaneously collapsed?’
‘What about PNAC and the ‘new Pearl Harbour’?’
‘What about no WMDs in Iraq?’


What about …
It was u/s backed rebels that used Sarin gas in Syria.
No evidence to support sanctions against Russia.obama-lies (1)
More than a million people dead.
Millions more refugees.

One detail to fill in and the whole picture makes sense.
The people who have plotted and planned all this are EVIL.
It’s difficult to imagine how evil.
People really don’t like to imagine that kind of evil.
They prefer to believe the cock-and-bull stories told by the media and the politicians.
cameron redeyeIt makes the world seem a more fluffy, friendly loving place.

There are people around the world dying because of our government’s policies.
Perfectly innocent men women and children, unless you count not speaking English as evidence of guilt. Mother, father, sons, daughters. Grandma and Grandad, blown to bits. 16 yr old girl has her legs blown off. Millions of ppl in Yemen are dying of disease and starvation thanks to their country being bombed to oblivion by the Saudi Arabians, with British planes and bombs.
Yes, the same Saudis who regularly behead people for apostasy and being gay.

This is the sort of country the u/s and UK are in bed with.cowboys
That is the sort of country the u/s and UK are.

Kids used to play Cowboys-and-Indians.
The cowboys were the heroes and they always won.
We know the truth of that now – genocide.
The cowboys are still being made out to be the heroes, committing mass murder whilst claiming to be good and righteous.
Neither the narrative nor the motives have changed.
But the game now threatens the lives, the futures of everyone on this planet.

We need to raise our collective voice in protest before it’s too late.


Simple Solution to Gaza Crisis

Here is the simple answer. Israel stops its offensive offensive straight away.
In humanitarian terms, 1 person killed every couple of days by Hamas’ Pfft fireworks is a huge improvement on dozens or hundreds of people being killed every day.
Soon, Hamas’ support will dry up, and they will stop firing too.


Letter to The Arauding [Guardian] newspaper about Ukraine

Dear Chris,

whilst I know The Gaurniad to be a rich source of literal inadvertancy, I was more than somewhat dismayed to discover that it was suggesting, in the article, ‘Uneasy standoff in Ukraine’s pro-Russian stronghold of Slavyansk’ that the population of this ‘grimy’ [said the Daily Telegraph] town was 2 million.

Every schoolboy knows the actual number is nearer to 130,000, or at least he can find it out using Google, in 0.42 seconds.

I sadly found that the slant on the article, and, indeed, on the Guradnia’s entire output concerning Ukraine’s troubles was exclusively pushing the pro-US/EU angle, despite the fact that it has been known [horribly often in recent years] for the u/s to act in precisely the ways Vladimir Putin is accused of acting.

It’s sad that in this day and age I find myself more inclined to believe that The Guardani is publishing fiction than that ‘Oleg’ would not know the population of his town to within a factor of ten.

I realise you may not be the person to whom this should be addressed, so, if you are not, would you please help it to get to that [those] person[s].

I truly believe the u/s is the ultimate baddie in this ongoing tragedy, which has already claimed many lives, and destroyed many nations. Mainstream Media shapes public opinion. Public opinion, if it is strong enough, may, possibly, stop this war, provided someone leads the way. It might even happen through social networking. Particularly Facebook and Twitter.

As the sabre-rattling increases in volume, so time is running out for the Media to take a responsible stance by telling the truth. Compared to Obama’s and Cameron’s forked tongues and sly double-speak, Putin is somewhere between the alterboy and the saint.

I find RT.com to be a reliable source of information. This is because what it publishes agrees with other observable facts, sadly untrue of the Western Mainstream Media.

Sorry to have bent your ear over this, but I feel it is urgent, and, since your Wikileaks coverage reassured me of your integrity, The Ugaridan has to be my first port of call.

I don’t object to this letter being published.

Thanks for reading this. Have a good day. 🙂