Britain must accept fracking for good of nation, says David Cameron.

“The Prime Minister has said he cannot see anything wrong with fracking if it is properly regulated.”
[The Independant.]

They are trying to provoke civil unrest. I can’t find a better explanation. They want the outraged people of this country to rise up and surge in an insurgent way so they can justify FEMA camps, armed police and extensive restrictions in personal freedom.

Either that or they are fucking crazy.


This, coupled with Austerity, the banks bailout, our continuing involvement in a war that no-one in this country supports, plus so many other ways in which the public’s trust has been blatantly abused is enough for even the most ardent pro-parliamentarian to say they are taking the piss.
I regard this as provocative in the extreme. The people of this country need to be careful not to give these egomaniac morons any excuse to limit our freedom.