We need to raise our collective voice in protest before it’s too late.

Source: We need to raise our collective voice in protest before it’s too late.


Plan to Change the World – Stop Money and Hierarchical Power Systems Killing the Human Race and Make it Truly Immortal Instead

No more nasty surprises.

No more nasty surprises.

People do awful shit to other people.  

Always have.

Now, because of dialogues like this and ‘Israelis love Iranians’ etc [at least that’s what it should be] there is something new happening.

People of nations at war, or nearly so, can talk to each other.

People are not being represented by their governments. I wonder if ANYONE is in control of the governments.

They are like big aggressive dogs, out of control, snarling, snapping, growling and barking and fighting.

These sort of people will no longer have control of our lives.

These sort of people will no longer have control of our lives.

These sort of people no longer have control of our lives.

These sort of people will no longer have control of our lives.

Put them down before any more people get hurt.

People will be friendly.

People will be friendly.

    • Dog eat dog?
    • Problem is, when the dogs fight, it’s PEOPLE on the front line.The dogs pick the fight and the people die 😉
    • The Occupy movement has shown it’s not just the ‘poor’ who are being robbed blind by the powers that be. A lot of people who had kept their heads down and worked within the system found their pensions had disappeared.
The future will be secure.

The future will be secure.

The future will be secure.

The future will be secure.

    • There is a growing awareness of a need for change. There needs to be another plan already in place in people’s minds. The Human race has the potential to work as a single collective living being.The only thing in short supply is money.

      These sort of people no longer have control of our lives.

      These sort of people will no longer have control of our lives.

    • The only thing stopping mountains of EU food being given to starving people elsewhere in the world is money. The only thing stopping farmers from using all their lands to raise crops is money. The only reason we are not free is money.
    • Spread the word.Some will not believe until they see others’ belief.When the 99% are convinced we set a date and change the world. Stop using money to control life. It’s strangling it. The 1% can stay in their fortresses while we party, but it’s my belief they will join us. People will do the necessary jobs. Food clothing shelter light warmth. One man can do the work of a thousand men with the mechanisation, computerisation and automation of modern technology.No-one will have to work more than they want to. People WILL want to work because the world will be such a cool place to live.

      This is awesome and beautiful. We don't have to give this up.

      This is awesome and beautiful. We don’t have to give this up.

    • The idea itself is very simple. It’s explaining it that’s difficult. People are scared of change because it invariably makes things worse. Money is what we use to regulate consumption. The ‘other people syndrome’ suggests that if food was free those degenerate ‘other people’ would take all the bread or whatever. But …
    • a] what are they going to do with it? and
    • b] they are thinking exactly the same about you. and
    • c] see, the ‘other people’ are just like you. Insecure, at least a little frightened of the future [if they have their head screwed on], hoping for a happy ending. Let me tell you, no lie, it will be a modern-day Heaven.
      No kidding. Life will be like Heaven on Earth.

      No kidding. Life will be like Heaven on Earth.

      The first generation of children [born into a world which is free of the hate and fear and power-abuse] will be free of the patterns of thought that make it so difficult for us to contemplate this change.

      They will be gifted in ways we cannot imagine.

    • And, of course, once the Human race has stopped fighting itself it can put its efforts into researching space-travel.When there are humans living elsewhere than this solar system the Human race will be truly immortal.
    • The missing link here, as you probably realise, is, who is going to listen to ME? Hardly anyone, I should think 🙂  But….


      Suppose it was, say, David Beckham? Okay. You think he’s an idiot.

      Suppose it was the Prime Minister? Suppose, on the net and TV and radio and newspapers, a dozen top celebs endorsed the idea.

      I reckon you could sway 99% of the 99% and the doubters would be going, ‘Everybody else is convinced. it might just work.’

      And that same celebrity and communications network exists in France, Portugal, Russia and wherever.

      There will be no poor people having to beg.

      There will be no poor people having to beg.

      The way you think about it is all-important. As soon as you go, ‘Well, yeah, but what about other people?’ you lose the thread. Everybody will want this, because only everybody can win. There can be no losers.

    • There is one fly in the ointment. The Unilaterally Unsatisfacktory United Streaky Steaks of America.The situation there is veering rapidly into a brutal, degrading police-state. The internet, which is perhaps essential to make this work, is being threatened and people are being intimidated to the extent that they will let the authorities walk all over them. No-one will dare complain. Mostly they don’t, even now. That’s why Occupy was such a good thing. It reminded the people they ARE 99% of the population. Unfortunately it also gave the u/s government the excuse it wanted to step up incursions into the constitution. FEMA camps are real. So are those i.d. chips they put in people’s heads. If they made them compulsory [like forcing people to have flu jabs and whatever other innoculations they did] who could [or would] refuse? So you get a nation of robots, or zombies [if you like that one better lol] who will not ascend to this higher level. The u/s will disrupt the peace.
      We can appreciate the beauty of our world and have no fear. [note: snakes will still bite]

      We can appreciate the beauty of our world and have no fear. [note: snakes will still bite]

    • If America is allowed to continue its expansion I think we’re all fucked.
    • It will not stop until it has have taken over the whole world. This is because anything less than COMPLETE control will not be enough.
    • So long as this plan is known and understood by everyone, as and when the situation gets bad enough for enough people we can agree a date and abolish money and the thought patterns it has carried over from our animal ancestors. 
    • Peace and love.

War – Immoral and Inhuman

by Ken Underwood – 29 March 2003, 30 October 2011, and 12th August 2013.

There is no moral or humanitarian justification for making war.
Bush and Blair have made three serious errors over the conflict in Iraq, and are in grave danger of making a fourth.

Following George Bush in a fine tradition of killing millions of innocent people.

Barack Hussein Obama – following George Bush in a proud tradition of killing millions of innocent people.

1. Lying about why they started the war.
2. Lying about its severity and duration.
3. Starting it in the first place.

Firstly, the war is not about Saddam Hussein. There have been far worse dictators supported by the Americans, when it suited them. The real reason is the oil, and to get a foothold in the Middle East. The reason they lied about why they were starting it is that the gullible and emotional voters would not have supported a political war. Obviously, a personal war against and cruel and ruthless tyrant would get them all going.

Secondly, if people had thought the war was going to drag on for weeks or even months and involve lots of killing of American and British subjects, not to mention hundreds of Iraqi civilians, again they might have objected.

Thirdly, seeing as Bush and Blair had to lie to the voters to justify invading Iraq, it was probably a bad plan from the word ‘go’.

cameron serious

David Osama Bin Cameron – carrying on, in the footsteps of Tony Blair, the fine tradition of making Britain the lapdog of the US and taking increasingly unbelievable liberties in his outstanding mismanagement of the governance of this country. Our hero!

Every hour that goes by, there are more lives needlessly lost. Civilians, soldiers, children – all innocent victims of scheming politicians who value power and wealth above human life.

The fourth error is the one they can still avoid.

4. Carrying on regardless.

Xmas 2011
8 years, 250000 lives ….. maybe we should have shouted louder.
A mind-boggling historical perspective.

August 2013. A whole generation have grown up with US/UK  military aggression.
It’s normal to them. Why kick up a fuss? Better them than us.

Firstly, it’s moral sleight of hand to plead innocent when it’s OUR soldiers butchering innocent civilians and OUR taxes which pay for fucking drone missiles, all on the orders of  OUR elected political representatives.
Secondly, and more selfishly, there’s gonna come a time when it’s OUR turn under the hammer and some other cunt’s gonna be saying “Better them than us!”

Gordon Ali Brown - last of the Mohicans.

Gordon Ali Brown – last of the Mohicans.

10 years have passed since I wrote this and it’s worse than ever.

Don’t sit back and ignore this.
Encourage the idea that we care about the kind of world OUR children are going to grow up in.


Capitalism – Mechanism, Downfall and Solution

Civil-Society Toward a New Form of Laissez-Faire

I describe Capitalism in a way that avoids jargon and money so that, if you see it clearly enough, its faults, downfall and solution become obvious.

Capitalism, the art of capitalising [making the most of what you have] is a matter of using what you have, to get more. Those who have most have plenty to spare to get even more, so they concentrate and accumulate wealth and power and material possessions as naturally as cows eat grass.

Equally naturally, the people who have least wind up with less and less. As more and more people wind up with less and less, an underlying sense of discontent starts to rumble through the population.

Eventually, like an iceberg whose underside has melted away, the whole thing tips up and topples over. Revolution.

The poverty-stricken disempowered masses rise up out of their discontent and smash the system which keeps them enslaved.

Unfortunately it is also the system that supports them, even if not very well. Modern people depend on the ‘infrastructure’ [the whole money-driven racket] for everything. Revolution which arrives thusly will not be pretty or pretty exciting. It will be pretty terrible. Many people will die. Especially the old, the young, and the weak.

The solution for Capitalism is based on what drives it. What makes a person, who has enough, risk what they have, to get more? It seems to me that is fear. It may be called greed or insecurity but at the root of all those emotions is fear.


Fear of the future. Of not having enough to eat tomorrow, or having no roof over your head come the end of the week, or being shot and robbed. Or, more distantly, but still a real fear, of not having the money to send Jonny and Janey to college. Or a fear that their children will not be able to live in comfort and safety. Unto any number of generations. And you fear that someone will take your wealth so you must protect it. Fear, fear, fear. Because of the unknown and unknowable future.

Life close to nature can be bloody and dangerous. As we have moved away from nature so it has come about that, by and large, the only threat to human beings comes from other human beings. During that process, we have, sadly, retained or regained our rather savage competitive spirit.

Money is the weapon with and over which we are still fighting for our lives.
Money is what makes people shoot other people.
Money is the thing which gives rich people power over others.
Money is the only reason, now, why the ruling elite think they can take the piss.
Money pays the cops and the army and private security guards.
Money is a very bad substitute for faith.

Faith, in most of the human race, must replace money as a reason for doing.

Fear of the future is because of other people.

If they depend on us, and we on them, in ways many and various, we won’t let them down.

Our task, as the instigators of the money-free world or state is to put aside all the money- and power- and fear-driven thinking and to mostly carry on as we are now [providing we are doing nothing bad] to make sure Humanity, as a self-supporting communal organism, keeps on going.

Happy and without fear.

The solution to Capitalism is the end of fear. The end of money.


End of part one of two.

[In part two we examine some of the reasons why other people, who are different to you, might also be in favour of this amicable revolution. Also we explore the reasons why this needs to happen sooner rather than later.]